Welcome to our calculation program for air handling units (AHU).
This program calculates the annual energy requirement and the life cycle costs of an AHU to provide the supply air.
Please note that we assume no liability for the calculated results. For further information, please click on "Disclaimer".


The basis of this tool is VDI Guideline 2067 Part 21. According to VDI 2067, a comfort range is defined in an h,x diagram for room air. The temperature and absolute humidity of the room air must lie within the limits of this

comfort range. Depending on the outside air condition, different air treatment functions of the AHU are addressed. The target values for temperature and humidity of the supply air are always selected in accordance with the internal loads in the room minimizing the energy required to maintain the comfort conditions. This tool carries out an annual simulation of the energy requirement of your system configuration based on hourly resolved weather data for the 2010 test reference year of Germany's 15 climate regions. You have several options for heat and cold generation at your disposal to determine the final energy consumption. We therefore offer you the opportunity to view your AHU with different heat and cooling supplies and to determine the optimum generator for you.

The calculation program has the following limitations:
  • The heating and cooling functions cannot be deselected.
  • Humidification occurs exclusively by means of steam humidification.
  • Dehumidification can only be achieved by subcooling.

Next to the yearly energy consumption, the tool also calculates economic indicators. This provides you information on the capital value, annuities and life cycle costs of the plant for a period of your choice.


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